Christi Collins, Director

“I am very picky about programs that I do, and I have to say that Sue’s program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As she says, it starts with the clutter, but it is NOT really about the clutter!

Sue has taught me that simply clearing out stuff doesn’t change anything. If we don’t change the beliefs that allowed us to collect and hold on to the stuff in the first place, the stuff will just come back.

Working with Sue, I have decluttered my electronic and paper files, my inbox, my sentimental stuff, my crawl space, and every area of my house, too. It has been a layer-by-layer process… one that has been exhilarating at times, and challenging at times.

Sue uses decluttering as a way of getting at and dissolving those old patterns, habits, and beliefs that are no longer serving us... she does life transformation through clearing out our stuff… the physical and emotional and mental.”