Lee Miller, Website Designer

Saying yes to Sue’s program is, bar none, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  

I was known as a “closet clutterer,” prior to this program. People would say, “Oh, Lee, you’re so organized.” And the truth was, clutter had been an ongoing issue for me; I was just really good at putting it away!

I used to have a very hard time making the decision to get rid of stuff…
either I couldn’t, or I wouldn’t, or I didn’t.

My space was colossally full. Every drawer. Every cupboard. Everywhere. Not only that, but there were things that bugged me every time I walked into each room. I had tightness—especially in my chest—that gripped me when I spent time in my own space. 

Sue was brilliant; she is an expert on clutter at the deepest level. She showed me how my body speaks to me about my stuff. Indeed, she was big time correct. My body was screaming at me— “Lee, let go…please!”

Three Valuable Lessons I Learned About Clutter:

1. Clutter has a direct attachment to my energy.

I felt dread before the clear out. Spending time in that room was the last thing I wanted to do. I couldn’t find anything. I had to move stuff around just to work. I ended up clearing out 70% of what was in that room.

Yes, 70%!

As I did it I felt lighter, happier, freer and relieved. There was space. There wasn’t a dread. The tightness was gone. I could breathe. I feel free.

2. Clutter connects me to scarcity.

As I touched each item during our clear out, I was confronted with the belief I was telling myself. “You can’t get rid of that; you might need it someday; maybe you won’t ever be able to have it again.”

It was scarcity thinking at its finest!

What opened up for me was a sense that I have enough—even after clearing out 70% of my stuff. The truth is that in every stage of my life, I have had enough. More wasn’t the answer. I felt a sense of calm about enough-ness in the moment. I feel happy.

3. Clearing clutter creates an uncanny spaciousness.

It wasn’t just a physical space; it was more, much more. My cupboards and drawers were free of the logjams of stuff. I could relax into the space. I found things with ease.

I can’t describe the joy there is in looking at and feeling the space I now feel.

It’s not about gathering up a bunch of stuff and getting rid of it. It’s about making decisions about things that have had some meaning—some hold— on me. There are feelings, rules, attachments, and beliefs that I held on to and they went deep.

This program has really challenged my beliefs – why was I keeping all this stuff? And I’ve really been able to let go of those beliefs.

 Whoa... talk about life changing.”