Sonja Palomino, Financial Coach

“Oh my, WOW! This is absolutely fantastic!!!

Before I started working with you, I knew I had some things to clear out that were affecting my business. However, my mind, as a form of self-protection, was telling me things like “you really don’t have that much more to go through” and “you’ve already tried something like this before and it didn’t really change anything.

Well, I was totally wrong. I had no idea how life-changing clearing with you would be.

When I started the program, I had huge resistance to letting go; I needed your permission to let things go. I am absolutely amazed, Sue, how you lead the group, and the energy of the calls has propelled me in a way that has been totally unexpected. There is something very different that comes through you.

Part-way through I noticed I was starting to slide back into compromising myself again, and you gave me permission again to not compromise. Now I’m totally IN – I trust everything you say now.  

This clearing is at a totally different level; I got more done in this one day than I got done in the previous two years combined. I'm clearing areas I have procrastinated about for years! 

Now, I start my morning feeling complete – and that makes me want to cry. That feeling of NOT being complete had affected every single day, every week, every month.

Now, in my spirit, I have this sense of peace and confidence that my day starts right, that it's already complete. There are very few areas in my life that are black and white like that, and what we've done feels complete, in a real, tangible way.

I have this pep in my step, I feel lighter, my smile is genuine, my mind is less cluttered. I feel motivated, with this inner fire in my spirit.

I feel, for the very first time, like I have margin in my life. I dedicated my Sunday to take time just for me and to not feel guilty about it. For the first time ever, the guilt of taking some time and space for me is GONE. I now have time to nurture my spirit, without guilt, without looking around and seeing all the stuff that is undone… because I know that I’m complete.

I never felt worthy of that margin before, and now I do. I never even knew that I needed these things – this margin.

I’ve never, ever gotten to this point by reading books or watching the TV series on clearing that everybody is watching, nothing. Nothing has gotten me motivated into action like you have. Nothing has even come close to the results I have gotten from working with you.

Best of all, the results “stick” – they’re not temporary. I am so transformed and so motivated!”