Tina Pruitt

“Sue’s program has become an integral part of clearing out my life since I was first introduced to Sue and her awesome Clear-Out days. I was hooked after the first one and I haven’t stopped since!

I joined Sue’s program and it became an integral part of clearing out the stuff and the things that just weren’t working in my life.

A couple of months prior to meeting Sue, I received news of a small cancerous nodule in my breast. That was my second breast cancer diagnosis since 2007, and I had a subsequent 3-week cleansing experience at a great place in Florida.

At that time, I knew things had to change in my life, and to ensure my ongoing health, vitality, and longevity.

One of the things at the top of my list was to clear out the stuff in my life, on all levels. So it was really happenstance that I met Sue, and it was on the first call that I knew Sue was for me.

Finally, someone to give me guidance, coaching, and mostly, the permission to look at my stuff and declare its real value in my life.

The changes I started to see and feel in my life were immediate. Letting go of things that I had felt compelled to keep was very liberating and I continue to feel the benefits.

Sue’s coaching and the support and the stories from others are very uplifting and inspiring and they truly work to getting you to approach your things and your life with new, fresh, and what I like to call
“spunky eyes” and I just love it.

With regards to physical clutter, I started with small areas at first and by the time we sold the house, I had this huge amount of items to go out the door. Selling the big, monster house was also part of my personal journey.

I ended up calling an auction company and they took two big trailers full of stuff – it was a huge relief! I even had them return for more items from my new home, so when the auction was held, it brought in more than $5,000. It’s not why I did it, but isn’t that a great benefit? It was all stuff I didn’t need and didn’t want.

I think and rethink all of my purchases now, which is a good thing because it’s saving me money, too. You will look at things differently that you bring into your home.

The really cool thing that I’ve learned is that my clutter isn’t just things; it has a lot to do with my mind talk – and that’s what keeps us from growing and allowing the really great things to come out in our lives.

I truly feel that Sue’s program has helped me clear out the junk in my mind and get clear on what my purpose was, and what my passion was.

Now I’m able to focus on my own business and creating a healthier lifestyle!”